The fine art of equestrian communication,

Learning to ride riding with feel and lightness; to enter into a powerful and balanced union with your horse.

The course is comprised of special exercises on the ground as well as on the horse, designed to enable you experience the art of riding and intimate communication with horses.

The Program will be prepared individually according to the experience, desires and objectives of the participants: Including:

* Moving the horse in liberty: Controlling his gaits, speed, transitions, turns and cadence. Communication exercises in the round-pen to warm up and to introduce you to our horses. Challenging your awareness, refining your body language, improving your reflexes, awakening your intuition - but starting off in a relaxed manner with enjoyment and fun.

* Preparation on the lunge: Working on the lunge is gymnastic for the horse and helps with coordination training for the rider. Cadence, lightness and bending are created by the sensitivity and coordination of our hands. When the lunge substitutes the reins and the training stick mimics the riders legs, appropriate lunging is like Yoga for horse & rider.

* Preparation of the rider: The horse always mirrors the physical and mental state of his rider. He can only move with lightness, if his rider is transmitting it to him. Therefore, we need to concentrate on ourselves before taking actions to influence him. This training on the ground will help you to advance your body-consciousness and to overcome your limits. With a wide variety of exercises, specially designed for riders, we work individually on your personal needs of stretching, strengthening and loosening up physical and mental tensions. (Exercises by: S.Swift, E.Meyners, Alexander Technique, Yoga und Pilates)

* Seat & Balance: Riding classes on the lunge are as useful for the advanced as for the beginner. While someone is leading the horse for you, you are free to concentrate on yourselves, to correct your balance and your seat and to develop a higher sense for the movements of the horse.What ever level you are, we will challenge and enhance your capacities.

* Equestrian Art: Dressage classes with our sensitive horses trained on different levels up to high school.

1 - 4 Participants, 3 - 5 hours/daily, (the duration depends on the number of students)

Minimum 5 days

Individual - maximum 4

Please contact us for fees and scheduling.

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