March 26th - 28th (25th - 29th)         10 am - 2pm

April 30th - May 2nd (29th - 3rd)       10 am - 2pm

October 8th - 10th (7th - 11th)           10 am - 2pm

Participants max. 6    

In this course my horses will introduce you to the sensitive language of Equus.

You can learn how to lead a horse at liberty by just using your energy, your focus and a minimum of body language. You will understand how horses talk to you and how easy they follow your lead if you synchronise them with your movements and your mind. And you will have some unforgettable moments with our gentle Iberian stallions.

Successfully working a horse at liberty has nothing to do with age, size, gender, raising the voice or an aggressive whip but rather the mastery of oneĀ“s own energy and clearly projecting your intention in a way your horse can  understand. Children, un-clouded by life, understand this immediately  and for adults often times it involves forgetting conventional  concepts of  enforcing your will. This spirit of communication will also help in bringing  joy and harmony to your daily life.

We invite you into an experience that will widen your perception, raise your attention and refine your actions. You will be furnished with natural horsemanship exercises and games to create a joyful relation with your horse and inspire his performance.

In all exercises you will have your feed on the ground. No riding included.

You can book riding lessons and hacks separately from this course.

For Pricing and reservations please contact us below