As well as a very high level of technical, classical horsemanship Simin also has great understanding of the horse’s psychology, emotion and spirit. Because she is so experienced she uses her knowledge very creatively and spontaneously so I would call her an artist.

My intention when learning from Simin is to understand the horse and my connection through movement, emotion, intention, being. She is generous when sharing her skills so I can begin to experience the beauty and wonder of connecting with horses on a deeper level.

At this point I have wanted to explore this from the ground rather than on the horse’s back. Simin is very creative in finding different ways for me to explore this, she has access to many different types of horses from highly trained stallions to untrained 3 year olds and all types in between. Simin is very safety conscious both for me and the horses but she allows a space to explore and challenge both the horse and myself in the moment. She is able to judge my level but still challenge me. Because of this I am learning a lot and experiencing some beautiful moments of connection to the horse through movement and emotion.

I would highly recommend Simin to anyone interested in connecting and moving with horses. I am sure that at whatever level of horse experience she would have valuable kn0wledge to share.

               Orson Wajih

Physiotherapist & Equine Bodywork:

In my opinion Simin uses in the best way possible, all the teachings she could get from the classical and natural horsemanship masters combining them in the development of the most desirable level of communication with horses, spiritual horsemanship.

                    Francisco Cancella de Abreu

International Olympic dressage trainer,

Professor in the REAAE, team leader and former Portuguese national coach, representative of Portugal in the International Vocational Training Group, National Judge, Official Technician of the FEI, trainer, rider, Portuguese national champion of Dressage.

Simin ist für mich die inspirierenste Trainerin , die ich je getroffen habe. Sie hat einen ganz besonderen Zugang zu den Pferden, Ihre Arbeit gleicht einem Tanz, Leichtigkeit& Freude sind zentrale Elemente, was mir sehr gefällt. Als Pferdeunterstützter Coach schätze ich die Zusammenarbeit mit Simin sehr, da ich Ihre Art, mit den Pferden zu arbeiten (spiritual horsmanship) in meine Coachings einbaue.

Die Coaches, die wir in der AHAA-Manufaktur ausbilden, lernen in der Supervision mit Simin, diese Passion, vereint mit professionellem Training mit den Pferden umzusetzen um so unvergessliche Momente für den Kunden  bieten zu können.

                       Michaela Oertli

horse-assisted coach

Pferdeunterstützter Coach

Gründerin AHAA-Manufaktur


"Simin is for me the most inspirational trainer I've ever met. She has a very special approach to the horses, her work is like a dance, lightness and joy are central elements, which I really like.

As a Horse Assisted Coach, I truly appreciate the collaboration with Simin as I incorporate her way of working with the horses (spiritual horsmanship) into my own coaching.

The coaches that we train at the AHAA factory learn under the supervision of Simin, this passion combined with professional training with the horses offers unforgettable moments for the customer."