Manolo Oliva coached the German Working Equitation Team over a period of 10 years. He guided the riders to many international triumphs in which they harvested medals for their country at every international competition they went to.

Manolo Oliva was born in Andalusia and grew up in the countryside with the equestrian traditions of his homeland. From the very early age of 4 he was found herding cows in the fields and riding in the traditional style of ‘doma vaquera’. Years later, under the mentorship of Manuel Ruiz, riding master of the Real Escuela de Art Ecuestre (Royal School of Equestrian Art) REAAE, he learned the art of high school dressage, airs above the Ground and work on the long reins.

He had the great luck to be tutored by Don Luis Ramos Paul, one of Spains best riders who helped him to become the connoisseur of classic riding he is today


Still in his twenties, he took directorship of one of the greatest equestrian schools of Spain, the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda, where he dedicated himself over many years to the education and training of future champion riders and horses. Later on he decided to challenge himself in other equestrian arts and learned the discipline of western riding from the hands of Jean Claude Disly, world champion in the discipline of ‘cutting’ who introduced this riding technic to Europe


For the last 18 years Manolo Oliva has been dedicated to teaching the equestrian arts all over Europe, where he lavishes his knowledge to those who want to flourish in the beautiful world of equitation.

Clinics 2019 in el Cortijo Indiviso Andalusia:

March 18th - 20th            4 participants

June 3rd - 5th                  4 participants

October 20th to 24th      4- 6 participants

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