In this 5 days ‘hands-on’ seminar you will learn how to:

Communicate with horses non-verbally in the language of equus;

Lead a horse at liberty and how to get him to synchronise with your movements,

how to dance and play with him and how to teach him special tricks and exercises.

Active participants:. 4-6

Duration: 5 days / 20 hours

The objectives are:

- Natural leadership (you) & high motivation (horse), moving together in harmony;

- Clear communication, positive reinforcement and the gentle use of pressure to guide your horse in his performance and teaching him new tricks;

- Installing best ground manners (fundamental for all training at liberty);

- Structure of training, sessions and the importance of variety, joy and playfulness for better and faster results;

- Fear management & desensitisation to scary objects and situations.

- Tricks & Circus Exercises

Optional additional booking of 6th full day ride in the Breña and along the beaches of the costa del Luz  - (lunch included).Please reserve your place when booking the seminar.

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