Horse Training

There is no system or method that works for all horses.

Each horse is unique. Each horse has its individual qualities, debilities, capacities and needs. Horses have distinctive ways of learning and understanding and each horse has its characteristic art of expression.

It is my task as a trainer to work with the nature of the horse, to recognise its personality, allow it to come through, develop it and to awaken its artist within.

“A good horse trainer can get a horse to do what he wants him to do.
A great trainer can get a horse to want to do it.”
- Monty Roberts -

My intention is to support well-being of body, mind and soul. The three main pillars of my training are:

  1. Natural Horsemanship and energetic communication:
    Setting up mutual respect, trust, understanding, good behaviour, the willingness to learn and to work with pleasure;
  2. Classical Equestrian Art:
    Enabling the young horse mentally and physically to carry the weight of a rider, increasing fitness & flexibility of all horses, improving their natural movements from the ground and under the saddle.
  3. Circus Tricks and Play: 
    Stimulating the artistic spirit of the horses, rise their motivation and support us with a lot of joy and fun.

“The mark of a good training is not gesticulation without calm,
but the maximum each horse is capable of without force.”
- Nuno Oliveira -

I am offering

  • training of young Horses (basic training for all disciplines);
  • preparation in classical dressage (baroque style schooling);
  • preparation for show, performance, events and productions;
  • re-training for traumatised horses;
  • serenity training and trailer-loading;
  • ‘Save for Hacking’, accustom your horse for hacking;
  • natural hydrotherapy’.

If you would like to send me your horse into training, you can contact me here.