Refers to theclassical principals of the art of training horses as they have been developed through centuries of study and practice by the old and new masters of classical training.

It is the love and the respect for the horse as a divine creature that causes the awareness that the animal is not born to be ridden by men but needs to be physically and mentally prepared to carry a rider on his back.

His health and wellbeing has to be maintained and his back and legs need an appropriate training to stay healthy throughout his life while he’s being ridden.

Classical Horsemanship exercises are "Yoga" for the riding horse. They include work at liberty, as well as

-  work in hand,

-  on the lunge,

-  double lunge,

-  long reins

-  and under the rider.

The classical horseman / woman knows that the horse can only be as light and subtle as its rider is. We experienced that we literally ride our own physical and mental issues into our horses. Therefore we always have to fix ourselves first before we want to correct our horses. We can only ride with lightness and "feel" if we have self-carriage in motion and are physically and mentally sound, fit and flexible.

Classical Horsemanship demands the same wellness for the rider as for the horse and therefor always looks at the appearance of horse and rider together and encourages harmony and flow in their mutual movements.


Is the understanding of the nature of horses, their instincts, behaviour patterns, communication systems, psychology and predictable conduct,

The natural horsemanship trainer uses the equine nature to his or her advantage in the training. The concept is to first establish a relation of mutual trust and confidence, based on communicatio, choices and to give the horses safety and protection through clear and fair guidance, ie. ‘Natural Leadership’.

Natural Horsemanship exercises should be the fundament for all further training, they create a deep and beautiful bond between horse and human and encourage willingness and happiness in your horse.


Is the awareness that teaching and learning is always a mutual process and there is a lot to learn from our horses, specially when it comes to personal spiritual understanding and growth. Our horses are amazing teachers.

The horse always acts as a mirror to our soul, reflecting back to us our true state of being mentally, physically and emotionally.

Our horses show us how we move through life and how we approach others. They ask us to overcome our ego, teach us lessons of instant forgiveness and over all demand from us to be fully aware, attentive and alive in the here and now.

We learn, that we always have a choice in our actions and that we can always overcome and change old patterns and limitations.

There is so much to acknowledge and to be grateful for, if we give it the space to happen, horses create that space.

The first step is to learn to listen to a silent language. Your horse always talks to you and gives you advice.  I will guide you how to interpret those signals througe the language of equus.

Simin Nadjafi Hinrichs, founder of CentAura, focuses her training on the notion that the horse always acts as a mirror to our soul, reflecting back the true state of our mental, physical and emotional being. She believes that teaching and learning is always a mutual process and there is a lot to learn from horses, specially when it comes to our personal and spiritual understanding and development. She guides horses and people  toward their full potential by acknowledging their uniqueness, highlighting their strengths and challenges, and paving the road to success via personalised training sessions.

"Simin has bags of character and charisma and a pretty rare talent to train horses with a whisper and ride them into the open ocean. Filming with her on location in Spain was a glimpse into her equestrian world.Thanks for your enthusiasm, patience and endurance throughout making this beautiful film".

Marc Rohwedder, Producer


was created to unite classical and natural horsemanship in order to live and teach the power of Spiritual Horsemanship. Our mission is to encourage horses and people to overcome their self limiting beliefs and behaviours, to proudly shine in their own personal light.  CentAura offers wellness and beauty for people and horses.