Training for Riders

Every person is a unique masterpiece and every horse is a divine creature.
Your individual qualities are welcome!

I work with individual trainings-programs for riders with and without their own horses ‘Coaching for Riders’ and offer seminars and courses in ‘Natural Horsemanship’, ‘Groundwork’, ’Liberty Training and Circus Exercises’.

The courses are limited to a very small number of active participants to make sure that everybody (people as horses) has enough space for his or her personality and receives an adequate attention.
This concept can be widened for workshops abroad (see ‘Host a Course’).
Passive participants’ and ‘spectators’ are welcome with previous confirmation.

“They say princes learn no art truly, but the art of horsemanship.
The reason is, the brave beast is no flatterer. He will throw a prince as soon as his groom.”
- Ben Johnson -

Coaching for Riders
(individual training)

“You can’t teach Feel - You have to experience it.”
- Bill Dorance -

The sensitivity of the rider defines the sensibility of the Horse. I aim to help riders and horses to affiliate in harmonic movements and to guide them towards their full potential.

The horse always reflects our true state of being physically as mentally and can only be as light and responsive as his rider is. Therefore we need to observe and correct ourselves, before we want to rectify the horse. Riding is meant to be a pleasure for both, for the horse as well as for its rider.

I teach the fine Equestrian Art of Riding for advanced riders and coach the beginners towards feel, an independent and balanced seat and a respectful and gentle contact of legs and reins.

I am offering:

  • Coaching Riders with their Horses towards their full potential;
  • Resolving communication or obedience Problems between Riders & their Horses;
  • Equestrian Art, Riding with lightness & feel (basic experience in classical dressage required), Course;
  • Balance -timing - rhythm - feel, Training for Beginners (minimum 5 days);
  • Seat & Balance Training on the lunge for beginners and advanced riders;
  • Personalised Riders Gym
  • Video-feedback on request

You can bring your own horse or organise a training or at your location.

Riding on our horses is only possible in a combined training with horsemanship and / or groundwork (minimum 5 days). The program will be tailor-made regarding your, individual wishes, needs and experiences. Here are some of the components you can chose from:

  • Moving the horse in liberty: Controlling his gaits, speed, transitions, turns and cadence. Communication exercises in the round-pen to warm up and to introduce you to our horses. Challenging your awareness, refining your body language, improving your reflexes, awakening your intuition and to synchronise your body-language ;
  • Preparation on the lunge: Cadence, lightness and bending are created by the sensitivity and coordination of our hands when the lunge substitutes the reins and the training stick mimics the riders legs. Appropriate lunging is like Yoga for horse & rider;
  • Rider’s Gym: With personalised exercises we work individually on your personal needs of stretching, strengthening and loosening up physical and mental tensions. (Exercises by: S.Swift, E.Meyners, Alexander Technique, Yoga und Pilates);
  • Seat & Balance: Training on the lunge, to correct your balance and your seat and to develop a higher sense for the movements of the horse.