Natural Horsemanship

The Foundation
3-day intensive seminar

In this course I will introduce you to the foundations of Natural and Spiritual Horsemanship.

You will experience how to tune in the vibration of animal-communication and feel the sensitive energy which transmits the messages between you and the horse.
In inter-action with the horses you will learn how to use your body-language in tune with your mindset, your energy and your intuition.
You will understand the requirements of natural leadership and why this is so important when working with horses.
We mainly work ‘hands on’ but I will also give you a theoretic introduction of the equine psychology and the instinctive behaviour and natural needs of horses - the fundamental knowledge which initiates you to the equine realm and its predictable rules of conduct.

When you can see and feel the world like a horse you will enter a new level of perception and consciousness. Your horse will recognise this and if it recognise you as its leading partner it will reward you with willingness and a flourishing performance. This new sensitivity might also help you in your relations with people and environments.

  • Active participants: max. 6
  • Duration: 3 days, 6 hours daily + lunch break (lunch included)

Next Courses

  • 17th, 18th and 19th March 2017
  • 12th, 13 and 14th May 2017

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The course involves

  • Observing and interacting with the herd on the pasture (awaken your intuition);
  • Energetic communication & body language (natural & spiritual horsemanship at practise);
  • Synchronisation of movements and motion (training & play)
  • Leadership training
  • The rules of mutual care taking
  • The (gentle) use of pressure
  • Fear management (demonstration)
  • Interactive games and exercises to understand how a horse learns
  • Theoretical guide-lines (equine psychology, instincts, natural behaviour and needs)
  • Feedback and exchange