Coaching for Non-Riders

A Mirror to Your Soul

An individual 3-days horse-assisted coaching to experience a new approach to life and its obstacles.

The Horse as a Coach

The horse reflects us in the here and now.
It teaches us to be authentic, to trust our intuition and to follow our heart.
It can not be fooled by any attempts to hide behind old habits.

In front of a horse you encounter yourself without words, uncompromisingly and free. The horse always sees beyond all covers to the real you. It perceives and welcomes you free of ego, judgment and intentions.

Horses can guide you to feel the lightness of the present moment and you might be surprised how joyful and liberating the path to personal growth can be.

I invite you to the adventure of letting go of old patterns, fears and blockages and to overcome your personal limits and inhibitions in a playful way.
The horses and me want you to feel your personal strengths when you are completely you - authentic and present.
Our goal is to help you to uncover the full potential of your own uniqueness .
We like you to return home with some new tools for a happy and fulfilled lifestyle and new ideas for your relations, ideas and projects.

You don’t need any previous experience with horses. We work exclusively from the ground.

  • Active participants: 1 max. 2
  • Durtion: 3 days, 3 hours daily
  • Personal appointments on Request

For more information and / or booking please contact.

The coaching involves

Observing and feeling a horse herd in their natural environment in our beautiful natural park La Breña. / Feeling yourself in nature and in the present moment;

  • Meeting the horse(es), choosing a partner;
  • Energetic communication: interactive games and exercises;
  • Reflection;
  • Mutual trust, respect and care taking;
  • Overcoming fear (demonstration how a horse overcomes its fear);
  • ‘Take the reins for your life’: leading exercises;
  • Awareness, conclusion, celebration

 Extras to pamper yourself (on request):

  • Different types of massages (thai, hot stone, cranial-sacral, ayuvedic, physiotherapy)
  • Horseback riding on the beaches of Cap Trafalgar and through the natural park ‘La Breña’
  • Yoga (private and / or group sessions)
  • Reiki
  • Guided hiking and biking tours
  • Sight seeing trips