About Me & the Team

Simin Nadjafi Hinrichs
Natural Horsemanship, Classical Equestrian Art, Performance, Coaching, Hydrotherapy, Event Management, Productions

My roots are german-afghan and my home is the beautiful coastline of Cap Trafalgar in Andalusia, Spain.

Since my earliest childhood I am sharing my life with horses.
When I was a kid they were the perfect substitute for my parents who luckily noticed this special bond already when I was two years old and helped me to develop it as much as they could. I was just seven years old when they allowed me to spend my holidays without them on a horse farm on the german island of Föhr where we would go out on long wild rides through the tide-lands from one island to another.
Today I am grateful to be back to the sea, looking back to an experience extending to a gran variety of horse training, performing, teaching and coaching as well as to the organisation of international shows and events.

The turning-point in my life happened in 2005 after having organised the Monty Roberts tour in Spain - I finally chose to let my passion become my profession.

In that time I was living together with my lusitano stallion on a stud close to Barcelona, helping out in all areas but making my money with event management and wellness coaching. Until then I never wanted to work in the professional horse world because I couldn’t deal with the harsh and often violent ways horses where treated, in Spain even more than in Germany. Monty Roberts way of re-training horses who had experienced this violence inspired me and the results I saw convinced me to reconsider my life and finally live my purpose.

I went to Monty’s ‘Flag Is Up Farms’ in Solvang California, to learn some techniques of natural horsemanship. Back in Spain I started to practises as a co-trainer for the police horses of Jerez de la Frontera whilst still working as an event manager for the European Horse Show Apassionata, preparing events in Spain and Portugal and casting talented young riders and horses for the new shows. Aiming to spread awareness and the expertise of natural horsemanship I pursued a trainings-exchange with the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art (Real Escuela del Arte Ecuestre): In return for introducing their students to the horsemanship way of starting youngsters and re-training bad habits, I received advanced training in classical dressage and high school from different trainers, amongst them the olympic rider and great technician Rafael Soto.

Together with a traditional spanish horse trainer I set up a trainings centre called ‘Cortijo Rocamora’ in which we united classical and natural trainings methods and also practised equine-hydrotherapy in the atlantic ocean.

Through the instructions of Jose Luis de Rivero, Riding Master and favourite student of the Gran Master Nuno Oliveira I could refine my riding techniques.
And through all the great master horses who came into my life and allowed me to teach them all kind of exercises I discovered my gift to communicate with animals on an energetic level.

In the last years I have been training and teaching in many different places throughout Europe, sharing experiences. with different trainers, enriching my live with new inspirations.
My actual trainings base is the ‘Finca el Anfora’ in conil de la frontera, Andalusia.

The creation of my own installations is in process.

“People ought to quit worrying so much about whispering to their horses and just start listening to them.”
- Greg Darnall -

Javier Mota

Royal Academy of Veterinarian Science of Occidental Andalusia

Javier Mota has been the veterinarian director of the Spanish government Stud of the Carthusian Horse (Yeguada de la Cartuja) for more than 25 years and as such been dedicated to improve the breed and exclusively select the best animals for the reproduction and breeding. He is a specialist in equine medicine, health, medical genetics and reproduction and a master in equine-technics of the University of Córdoba, Spain.

Javier has given and organised a multitude of courses and seminars about equine biotechnology and reproduction all over the world. He is honorary member of various universities as well as veterinarian mentor and clinical advisor of Carthusian studs in Spain and abroad.

I am very grateful to have Javier Mota and his expertise on board to help us with all kind of health issues and specially for being our assisting veterinarian for the equine-hydrotherapy sessions.