Simin Nadjafi Hinrichs

I see the magic and beauty in everything - working with Horses is my way to express it, live it and share it with others.

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My training is based on the classical art of training horses (equestrian art), natural horsemanship, circus exercises and play.
I recognise the personality of each horse, fortify its uniqueness and enkindle its artist within. My horses love to perform.

I offer preparation of horses and personalised training for Riders with or without their own horses.

Non-riders and riders on their path to personal growth and their individual purpose are welcome to experience the horse as a coach: reflecting us like ‘a mirror to our soul’, showing us how to take the reins for our life in our own hands and how to relate with others in a healthy and encouraging way.

My approach is holistic and focused on the well-being of body, mind and soul. I work with a team of professionals in which we assess the individual needs of each horse regarding its nutrition, training, hoof and teeth care, saddle-fittings, etc. in agreement with their owners and in relation to the discipline they are performing.

Thanks to our natural environment at the stunning coastline of Cap Trafalgar we can also benefit from the healing power of the mineral-loaded seawater and offer an additionally natural hydrotherapy in the Atlantic Ocean.

“There should be no mediocrity in love
And without love you cannot create an art.”
- Nuno Oliveira -


Sparkles a highly skilled rescue horse

In February 2014 Sparkles was sentenced to death. His age was estimated to 8 month, today we know he was already 2 years old. Sparkles was lucky. A Swiss who bought him from the slaughter in his designated last 24 hours. She saw the fire to live in his eyes and organised his transport to Spain. Sparkles is in training with me now and he is one of the most ambitious and intelligent horses I ever met. He will be here until his perfect matching human shows up. Sparkles is very brave has great movements and wants to be challenged. He is a very special horse, waiting for a very special person. Please feel free to contact me.